” The Bus Stop Corner”

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" Jesus Christ He's Still In Control "


” An older gentleman setting at the corner waiting for his bus. It is wet, and rainy. He has no coat, hat nor umbrella. A young lady standing not to far beside him. Notice he had not a coat, hat, nor an umbrella. She watched him getting wet. He is a stranger, and she said to herself; (He is a stranger, and I don’t know him.) Her heart said within herself.  He would really like it if he had a coat, hat, and just something to cover him from all that rain. The man looks up at the young lady. And said to her; I’m wet, and cold. I know you don’t know me. But would it be ok if I could stand under your umbrella until the bus come. Suddenly the young lady thought about what he had asked. And she said sure!!  He respond back with a smile and…

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