Daily Devotional – 6/13/16 “We all fall short … Who are you to judge?”

Very Good! Lord help us in Jesus name Amen

Kisha's Daily Devotional


Stop being so holy that you forget the times you weren’t! See, many times when tragedy strikes, like the one in Orlando, holy rollers want to make it out as God’s wrath. When in fact, it was someone hateful whose sole intent was to do bodily harm that caused it. Think about it, if God allowed over 100 people to be shot because of their sins, what were the sins of all those babies killed at Sandy Hook? There are no satisfactory answers to truly justify these things but what I can say is; it is the evilness of people who causes these disastrous attacks, not God’s wrath! This is why some folk need to keep their mouth closed! This is why, WE, as Saints of God need to consult God, study the bible and pray BEFORE we open our mouth. I can only imagine how displeasing it is to…

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