Awww Yes we must never give up!! Encouragement!



Sometimes in life all hope fades
Tears of disillusionment often choke our song
Our feet no longer dance for joy
But pace around in anxiety

We drum our fingers on the surface
Not in tune to the beautiful music of nature
But because of the impatience that fills our hearts
And blocks our minds

Our eyes stare not in admiration of the awesome wonder around us
But at nothing, because of the uncertainties and confusions of life
All we see is the darkness in the tunnel that just won’t go away
And the stubborn fog that blurs our vision

If we just hold on and take one step after another
We’ll realize that daybreak is closer, when the darkness is darkest
We’ll realize that our salvation is closer now than when we first believed

Keep moving even when all you can see is nothing because…

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One Response to “THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE”

  1. kanana Says:

    Thank you for sharing!

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