Quick To Judge

So much Wonderful Encouragement! Be blessed 🙂


IMG_0432I immediately pre-judged the two young men as they walked from their car to the store. Didn’t know them. Never talked with them and yet I assumed they were going to cause some kind of problem.

As I walked to the front of the store from the pharmacy, I noticed them standing at the cashier counter. As I  got closer, I heard one of them say, “Let’s just go, we don’t have enough.” I looked at the counter to see a few bags of snacks which they left behind.

I caught up with them at the door and asked them how much they were short. I asked them to come back in so I could make up the difference.

Upon paying, they both had the biggest and brightest smiles and both said, “thank you, sir.”

Actually, I should have been thanking them and thanking God for teaching me a lesson. A…

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