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Prisoners of will

Slaves of corrupt conscience

Ones fallen so far

That darkness is light

Sour is sweet

Evil is good

And those who display and speak God’s Truth

Are considered the worst enemies…

Oh, the impossible human dilemma

Invisible snare about every heart and soul

Spirits forever trapped

Heavy chains about the minds,

The body merely a temporary prison cell.

Each human being at first birth

Born into spiritual blindness

Delusional self

Ruled by every selfish impulse or desire

Fallen completely,

Without even a hint of a thought of life that is true life!


Messiah Yeshua walked the Earth that He made,

The Creator of all removed His Crown

Turned from His Throne

And walked the common human path

Led by the Father’s Spirit of mercy

In step with His Father’s Spirit of love.

As the only Shepherd of kindness

With gentleness blessed all the…

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