You’re Worth It

Good Encouragement!! Enjoy!


It took me a long time to press “publish” on this post.



I was afraid.

Not afraid, in that, I was revealing a particularly personal topic, or afraid to show my heart. Lord knows I’ve done enough of that already on here.

But afraid for a different reason. I was afraid to make you uncomfortable

You see, it’s a funny thing. I recently got 600 subscribers on here, and I know that’s chump change compared to many of you lovely bloggers out there. But for the first time, I was nervous to share what was put on my heart this evening for fear of what you might think.

So, like the good “former-therapy-gal” I am, I did a “feelings check” right then and there.

And here’s what I concluded.

First things first: I am incredibly humbled and grateful for the support from…

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One Response to “You’re Worth It”

  1. anorexiarevealed Says:

    Hi Pat! Thank you so much for reblogging this. You have a wonderful blog, and I look forward to reading more from you! Blessings

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