God Hears Your Cry

Amen ! God is Faithful! Good Word ! Enjoy

Minister Neecy

What speaks to me today.

“As for my friends and my neighbors, they stand aloof from my distress; even my close relatives stand at a distance.”
Psalm 38:

In this life you will come to know pain! There’s no way to live a life void of it. The good thing about pain is that it strengthens all who endure it. Yes my friend, pain makes you stronger and less fragile in times of distress. Distress is just a blessed mess!

“God hears your cry!”

As for today, no matter how it starts off, thank God for putting you smack dabb im the middle of it. Honor Him for favoring you. Embrace the lesson before you, while believing with all your heart…..a blessing is attached somewhere, because it is!

If you couldn’t get through this, God would not have brought you to it. There is no problem too big for God!

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