He Careth For You

 “He that is mighty hath done to me great things.” – Luke 1:49

Is it not wonderful that the mighty God, so great, so holy, should ever think of a poor, lowly sinner on this earth? But does he really? It scarcely seems possible. Only consider how many million people there are in this world. Can it be that the glorious God ever gives a separate, special thought to any one person among so many? He may give personal thought to a few great people to kings and rulers, and to certain very good men and women; but surely he does not think of anyone so small and obscure as I am. Ah yes! he does. You remember that a child was once dying of thirst in a desert, and God heard its cries amid all the noise of the world, and sent an angel to point out a spring of water and thus save its life. You remember, too, that story of the baby that the mother could not herself longer shelter, and which she put into a little ark and laid among the sedge beside the river; and you remember how God cared for that helpless infant and provided for it in a wonderful way. Then you remember that Jesus said our heavenly Father cares even for a sparrow and feeds it, and that he even clothes each little flower in the field. If there is not a bird or a flower that he does not think of and care for, surely he gives thought and care to us. We are better than a sparrow, better than a flower. We have immortal souls; we are God’s own children; and was there ever a true father who did not think of, and love and care for, his children? He calls each one of us by name. He hears our prayers. He knows when anything is going wrong with us, or when we are in any trouble. He watches over us, and sends blessings to us every day. What a wonderful thought, that God thinks of each one of us, and does great things for us!”He that is mighty hath done to me great things.” – Luke 1:49


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