A Real Hypocrite

So true!

Wordsmith's Desk

The Christian life is not an easy life. You will fail more than you succeed. Knowing the truth and doing is not as simple as it sounds.

On any given day, our intentions are noble and right, yet before you know it…you are flat on your face once more. You know the truth, but somehow, in spite of your best intentions, do the opposite. Stay with me.

The last thing Satin wants is for you to succeed in your Christian life. He will defeat you with lies and accusations every chance he gets. Make a mistake…slip up and he is there accusing you of being a hypocrite…a loser in God’s eyes. He will convince you not to read God’s word…he will convince you to stay away from church…he will defeat you in your Christian life. Hear what I’m saying?

It is so easy to listen to him because the voice…

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