Let’s talk about Daniel!

Very good,enjoy!!

Chasing His Grace

One of my favorite things right now is teaching my daughter about the noises animals make. There is just something about her lion’s growl that gets me every time. Even at 17 months old, she completely understands how mighty a lion is. This makes me think about the story of Daniel and the lion’s den.

Daniel was a God-fearing man who worked for King Darius. His job was to help the King run the city of Babylon, and he held this position with two other men. Daniel was a very hard working man, and his work always seemed to outshine the others. This made the other two men very jealous. King Darius was so impressed with the man that Daniel was, that he wanted him to be the only ruler. This news of course was not taken very well by the other two leaders.

These two leaders started to brainstorm…

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