I truly love this post and I needed the encouragement,I do hope you’re also blessed by the read.

Fire Starter

UniteYesterday I wrote about the spirit of competition in the Body of Christ which is, at least to some extent, responsible for the damage that has been done to the hearts, minds and spirits of many dreamers and visionaries. It is this very spirit that causes us to question our worth, minimize our value and forsake our dreams. Comparing ourselves to others or being held to a standard set by man rather than God is poison. It erodes our self image and destroys our potential. It robs us of our very identity as children of God and co-laborers with Christ.

So then what? I could write all day about this toxin we have allowed to run through the veins of the church unchecked and untreated. I could rebuke Christians every where for refusing to take a stand and making the problem worse. I could go on and on about what…

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