Egypt In Their Heart


Nehemiah rebuilding Jerusalem

Nehemiah rebuilding Jerusalem (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gary Wilkerson

Nehemiah was a shepherd to Israel—a king, a pastor, a leader and a restorer
who had taken Israel back to Jerusalem where they began rebuilding the walls
that had been destroyed. Nehemiah left Jerusalem to visit the king of Persia
and when he returned, he said, “In those days I saw . . .” (Nehemiah

When Nehemiah got back to the city, he saw the children of Israel doing the
exact same things their fathers had done that had caused them to be put into
exile and bondage in the first place. They had been set free and were
rebuilding their home city, but once again they were practicing the things that
had caused the walls to be torn down. Does that make sense to you? While they
were rebuilding, they were practicing the identical sins that had caused the
walls to fall.

With one hand they were rebuilding the city and with the other hand they were
destroying the city. With one hand they were building up their lives and with
the other hand they were destroying their lives.

And so it is with many of us today! With one hand we come to the altar and cry
out to Jesus and with the other hand we practice the same old sins. On one hand
we pray, read Scripture and go to church; on the other hand, we still go to bars
and clubs, we still watch pornography on the computer, we still compromise. With
one hand we glorify God and on the other hand we live out the practices of the

The Israelites were returning to their old patterns. They were building
something new but something old was still in them. It has been said that the
children of Israel, under Moses, got out of Egypt but some of Egypt was still
in them (see Acts 7:39). Some of us are getting set free from the things of the
world but some of the world is still in us.

God wants us to come to a place of humility and repentance. He wants us to have
a constant walk of victory—a walk of conquering the enemy—always!

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