Quotable Grace: Uncontaminated Good News

by Pure Grace Online

Here is this week’s quote from the book Pure Grace:

“A gospel of law-keeping is no gospel at all. There simply is no “good news” associated with a life lived under the law. That is true before salvation and even more applicable after one is saved.”  (Pure Grace Pages 59-60)

Let’s Talk Grace

Paul was incensed at the Judaizers who were coming behind him and corrupting the gospel of grace he preached by adding works of the flesh. They were attempting to mix law with grace and Paul reacted strongly to this corrupted gospel and the ones who were preaching it. (See Galatians 5). Grace must stand without any mixture of law or it isn’t grace at all! The Good News is not good news if it is corrupted with requirements of law keeping. Grace and law do not mix! If you want the good news to be good news it must be devoid of any law. Please do not allow any one to corrupt the beautiful gospel and thereby enslave you again in the prison of performance and law keeping. Jesus died to set you free from the requirements of the law. The Gospel is great good news but only if it is uncontaminated.

Sharing Grace

We are asking for your help in sharing the Pure Grace quotes to your social networks (Email lists, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Blogs … etc.) each week. We are also asking that you share your own reviews of the book or thoughts concerning the quote of the week with your friends as well.

The “Let’s Talk Grace” questions in these posts are simply suggestions on how to spark personal reflection and/or online conversations. Feel free to cut and paste them to start your own discussions among your friends. This week’s action point is to encourage you to “Like” and encourage your friends to “Like” the Pure Grace Facebook page.

Thank you!

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