I Will Never Be The Same!


LK honors us with his testimony of God’s grace liberating him into true freedom:

… I so wanted to share my profound joy with you, Pastor Mike Schirle and Pastor David Loveless of Discovery church. A few weeks ago you honored Discovery with a sermon about Pure Grace. Your words resonated within me, so I took one of your books home. Though I am only about half way through, I feel compelled to write to you already, to express my deepest gratitude.

I am one of too many Christians who seem to hold on to the belief that I constantly need to show, or prove, my love to God for his grace. If I mess up, which I do every day, I immediately ask for forgiveness, and feel this horrible sense of failure within me. In no uncertain terms, this constant effort has become both physically and spiritually exhausting!! I love God beyond description, yet I have never allowed myself to be set free from the self induced bondage of “provability.” You, sir, have allowed me to free myself from the devils attempt to keep me blinded from the truth. For so many years he was winning. NO MORE. As I write, I have never felt so free. So, light. So, able to accept the love and grace from the very God I reach up to each and every day. I wish I could properly express the sincerity of these words, and the affects your words have done to heal my heart. GOD BLESS YOU PASTOR WHITTEN.

The most profound and astounding reality I cling to, is the truth that God longs for His brothers and sisters to walk with each other. So that we may constantly learn, live, share, and ultimately help each other enjoy all the abundant love our Lord has to offer us. You, my good man, have just done that for this humble 55 year old man. Praise Jesus…I will never be the same!!!!!!!!!

That is wonderful LK! Thank you for sharing your experience.


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