A Welcome For All

Here’s Today’s Devotional from The Vine.

All those who the Father gives me will come to me. Him who comes to me I will in no way throw out. – John 6:37


We don’t need to worry ourselves about trying to harmonize the two parts of this verse; we can believe them both, and find great comfort and joy in them. Together they bring every Christian a glorious and double confidence. Surely it is a blessing to know that God has thought about our salvation and planned for it, and then given us to Christ to be His.

If this is true, it is easy to understand the other part of this verse. Of course Christ will not “throw out” anyone who His Father gives to Him. They are His own. He knows them by name, and loves them, for He died for them. He will not ignore one of His own when He finds him lying by the wayside or among the thorns, wounded, bleeding, dying, but will take him up and bear him home in safety. We should not be anxious about the first part of this sentence; the last part is all that really concerns us. If we truly come to Christ, we are assured that He will in no way turn us away; but we must come. Then we shall find room enough, and a most loving welcome.


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