Finding Clear Guidance

John 15:9-17

Sleep can elude us when we are trying to make critical decisions. Our minds race over details; we make our lists, evaluate options, and pray, “God, what should I do?” Often we become frustrated because we’re not sure how to get the answer from the Lord.

The key is found in our relationship with Him. The closer we are to God, the easier communication between us will be. Closeness to God means:

  • Learning what God likes and dislikes. Certain opportunities can be quickly eliminated because they are contrary to God’s character.
  • Knowing God’s Word. When we are familiar with the Word of God, the Holy Spirit can remind us of passages relevant to our situation.
  • Confessing our sins. Confession helps our minds be cleansed from the effects of ungodly thinking, which interferes with receiving the Lord’s direction.
  • Laying down our desires and taking up His. As we draw closer to Him, we’ll experience the blessings of submission and be willing to do it again.
  • Waiting on God. We will allow sufficient time to hear from the Father.
  • Standing firm against pressure—external and internal. Receiving clear direction from God will be our priority.
  • Praying persistently. We’ll continue to ask the Father for guidance, and we will not give up. The Lord desires our very best. Draw closer to Him, and experience the joy of receiving clear direction.
  • Dr. Charles Stanley

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