Does God Afflict His Children?

By David Wilkerson
[May 19, 1931 – April 27, 2011]

Does God afflict His own children? Listen to the psalmist’s answer: “For thou,
O God, hast proved us: thou hast tried us, as silver is tried. Thou broughtest
us into the net; thou laidst affliction upon our loins. Thou hast caused men to
ride over our heads; we went through fire and through water: but thou broughtest
us out into a wealthy place” (Psalm 66:10-12).

The psalmist is saying, “Lord, You put me in waters so high over my head that I
thought I would drown. You put me into the fire, to try me as silver is tried.
You brought me into a net, laid affliction on me, caused men to trounce on me!”

Why did God allow such afflictions? It was because He was bringing His beloved
child into a “wealthy place.” In the original Hebrew this phrase means “a place
of abundant fruitfulness.” God is saying, “I’m taking you through all these hard
places to make you fruitful for My kingdom.”

Yet not all afflictions are from the hand of God. Many troubles come from the
devil himself, straight from the pits of hell. “For he [God] doth not afflict
willingly nor grieve the children of men” (Lamentations 3:33). God says, “I get
no joy out of afflicting My children. That is not My purpose in allowing
troubles.” No, the Lord allows our afflictions only for His eternal purposes,
to bring us into a “wealthy place.”

I cringe with amazement as I remember all the sorrows, trials, deep waters,
flaming fires and powerful afflictions I have seen over the years. And usually
when afflictions came, they came not just one at a time, but in bundles. Many
times I thought, “There is no way I can make it through this.” Even the
memories of afflictions are painful — memories of slander, chastenings of the
Lord, ministry trials, personal buffetings, family problems, bodily pains and
aches. Yet, as I recall those years of suffering, I can say with assurance,
“God’s Word is true. He brought me out of every affliction that came upon me
and I praise Him!”


7 Responses to “Does God Afflict His Children?”

  1. Anonymous. Says:

    God sent demons to RAPE my friend since she was 17. She was too young to be having sex. (God told my friend that he was chastening her near the end of the “chastisement”). She was in pain. Then God told her she deserved it. You want to know what she did? Watch porn. That’s all she did. She did not hurt anyone. Then God reprobated her for hurting his feelings. But you know what, God hurt her feelings by sending demons to rape her first. My friend, now she is starting to hate God. God even sent demons to rape her out of hate when she was a reprobate. Your god is abusive. You wanna know the sick thing about God? He abandoned and hid himself when she needed him most. God tried to hurt my friend on purpose. God even told my frined that he cares more about his glory than her circumstances. Your God is sadistic. He sends rape on her, for what? Watching porn? I am glad I am not a Christian!And The Holy Spirit don’t care about nobody but himself. The Holy Spirit won’t even comfort my friend. Your GOd is a pervert. He took advantage of that girl, then abandoned her. That is like sex trafficking.
    1.God sent demons to rape my friend knowing she would not get the peacable fruit of righteousness and knowing she hates rape.
    2.God sent a demon looking like a man (or it was actually a man), knowing she hates the thought about being raped by a man (demons are genderless) and she would be in severe pain.
    3.God sent a pretty mean prophet to tell my friend that His judgement is righteous and just and other mean things.
    4.God reprobated her after the girl complained and said she hated God.
    5.God sent demons to rape her out of hate and not “love” this time (she swears he did).
    6.Eventually, God gave her her salvation back.
    7.Now God is hiding himself and abandoned her when she needs Him the most. My friend tried to kill herself 5 times, and God still won’t comfort my friend. The girl begged God to come back, He did not. He has hidden himself for a couple of months now. My friend is trying to pick up the pieces. God hid Himself without even restoring her.
    Do you wanna know what the thing is? My friend is special ed. God took advantage of her. All because she watched porn. There is someone else who gets away with being perverted towards her, who is going to heaven, who is also special ed. Who’s sin is worse, the one who was perverted to the girl when she was a little girl, or the one who watched porn,but wasn’t perverted towards anyone. God enjoys putting pain on my friend and then abandoning her. Why? She did not sexually abuse anybody. Just watched porn for years. God enjoys hurting my frend. God needs to take responsibility and help my friend. At least I’m standing up for her. She is not that special ed, but she is special ed. And it is wrong what God did.

    You say God gives every man according to his ways? I read about people who watched porn, but God did not bother to chasten them the same way. So why is God picking on my friend? Why her of all people?
    Why not sickness instead? Why couldn’t God be faithful in my friend’s affliction? My friend didn’t rape nobody. She did not lay around with random men on the streets, like some whore. My friend didn’t sow any of those things. She just watched porn. The worst she deserved were demons looking at her naked. I am the only one who believes her. She has nobody to confide in about this but me! She is not even part of the elect, so why should God chasten her if not. She is not God’s favorite, it makes no sense. The worst my friend deserved were demons looking at her naked (I am going by the verse “a man reapeth what he sows.”)

    God promises to be faithful in people’s affliction, but if you read above, He was not faithful to my friend. My friend was responsible with porn. It is not like she was perverted to people. She just watched porn. Why would God do such horrendous things to her and not other people, and all she did was watch porn. Yet and still my friend is abandoned by God.
    God forced my friend to lose her virginity for nothing. He knew she would not get the peacable fruit. That is abuse. She is only special ed. What does God want from her. Her sin was harmless versus what other people did. God just wanted an excuse to afflict my friend.

    • Pat Says:

      God did not cause this pain! Satan is alive and well and he hates us’s he that causes these actions,God is our only defense against satan.You are blaming God,so you cannot hear from him in your state of mind.God loves you both and he can help you if you seek him with an open mind and heart.Please take some time to listen and you can hear clearly from God,and you’ll hear he loves you dearly,you’re all in my prayers!!

  2. Anonymous. Says:

    God does not care about His children’s problems.

    • Pat Says:

      This is some helpful information if you truly want answers for yourself and your friend.take time to get quiet and check them out
      You feel frustrated and angry as you read about local, national, and international conditions, wondering why God doesn’t seem to be doing anything. Study the Book of Habakkuk.

      You feel deep guilt for willful sin that perhaps has even ruined your own or someone elses life. See David‘s prayer after he committed the sins of adultery and murder (Psalms 51).

      Please understand, prayer is not like some magic incantation that we use to overcome a person, circumstance, or situation. Prayer is a humbling of our heart; admitting to God that we need His guidance and strength. It is a way for us to align our will (our heart) with His. It is NOT a means of seeking favor and asking Him to make things turn out a certain way; according to our desire(s).

    • Pat Says:

      Yes he does very much! As I said before you cannot hear from God because you’re still very angry,and you’re still blaming him.If you really want to hear from God then calm down and get into the scriptures I left you!! Get real with God and he will get real with you,who do you think has kept you and helped you all of your years.

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