How to Handle Negative Relationships


May 28

Read | 1 Corinthians 15:33-34

In an ideal environment, all our relationships would draw us closer to the Lord. However, we live in a fallen world with sinful people, so that is not our reality. God wants us to influence those who aren’t walking obediently with Him, but unless we’re careful, we could easily end up following them. How are we to deal with relationships that drag us down instead of building us up?

Prayer: Your first step is to pray for the people who tend to pull you away from the Lord. It’s not your job to change them, but you can ask God to work in their lives. And don’t forget to ask Him to give you the wisdom and patience you need in your interactions with them.

Separation: You may have to break off a relationship if it’s hindering your Christian walk. However, this should be done only after much prayer and wise counsel. And remember, some relationships are meant to be permanent, so listen carefully to what God is telling you.

Perseverance: If the negative relationship never changes, and the Lord is not calling you to break off association with that person, then He wants you to persevere in the situation. Your goal is to walk faithfully with your heavenly Father despite any hindrances or opposition.

If you struggle with negative relationships, cultivate friendships with godly people who can help you grow in your faith. Spend time in God’s Word, filling your mind with truths that anchor your soul in stormy situations. Persevere in walking faithfully with Christ–you may even influence the other person.

Dr. Charles Stanley


8 Responses to “How to Handle Negative Relationships”

  1. Scott Sholar Says:

    Thank you for sharing, and God bless you.

  2. Yardley Says:

    The concept of fallen (sinful) man seems like a control mechanism of religion to me. Native Americans had no concept of being inherently flawed until european missionaries arrived and began telling them stories about ‘original sin’. The natives had it right: people are not separate from nature. We are a part of it, and as such we no more inherently flawed then a coyote or a mountain blue bird.

    • Pat Says:

      Hello,I hope and pray that God brings you to the truth as he has for so many Native Americans.The Missionaries carried God’s word to his people because he is not willing for any to perish,but that we might all come the truth,that Jesus Christ is God’s son,sent to rescue us all. I do not argue over God’s word I know it’s the truth,and that settles it for me.
      Love you in the Lord 😀

      • Yardley Says:

        If and when God brings me the truth, how am I to know it? Through reason? Something tangible? Or maybe I’ll just feel it somehow?

      • Pat Says:

        When God brings you to the truth of Jesus Christ,you will know it and no one can explain how God will reach you,he uses different methods. You will know!
        Love you 😀 And I’m praying for God to bring you into relationship with Jesus Christ. John 3:16 For God loved the world so much he gave his only Son,so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but will have eternal life.I hope these scriptures are a blessing to you Romans 3:21 But now God has shown us a different way of being right in his sight-not by obeying the law but by the way promised in the scriptures long ago.We are made right in God’s sight when we trust in Jesus Christ to take away our sins. And we can all be saved in this same way,no matter who we are or what we have done. God has made a way for us through his Son Jesus Christ,and I am glad he did! Some people say they don’t need a scapegoat but I do,and I bet they wish they had one at the end of their life.

  3. amberleaofalaska Says:

    Hi Pat. I have been reading your posts, and just wanted to say thank you for sharing and encouraging others in their walk with the Lord. This particular post really touched my heart, considering the world can at times be such a negative place. If it weren’t for God’s truth guiding us, there would no hope of victory. But when we learn to walk by faith (in His ways) and not by sight (our own ways), then we can overcome the influences around us. I look forward to reading more of your posts. God bless! Amber

    • Pat Says:

      Hi Amber
      Thanks so much for your encouraging comment,I am so glad you were blessed by the devotional.That’s what the sight is all about encouraging others in there walk with Jesus,you’re so right this world at times can be such a negative place. And we need all of the encouragement we can get,God is truly using this sight and I am just thrilled to pieces!
      Love you 😀

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