A Training Course in Obedience

Luke 5:1-11

Decisions we consider insignificant may actually be important in God’s eyes. Obedience in the small details prepares the believer for obedience in all things. Today’s passage shows that Peter experienced a gentle first lesson in following the Lord.

Peter’s initial interaction with Christ seemed insignificant. We can assume Jesus asked Peter for the use of his boat, which meant that the weary fisherman put aside his cleanup duties in order to steer the craft for an itinerant preacher. It was a small decision, but the reward was noteworthy. Peter had a front-row seat for the message Jesus proclaimed to the crowd on the beach.

The future disciple was convinced of Christ’s authority because of what he heard. Therefore, he obeyed Jesus’ second request to let down the nets for a catch, even though doing so contradicted everything he knew about fishing. The results were miraculous–a catch so great that a second boat had to come and take part of the haul.

Jesus was gently easing Peter into a place of absolute obedience. The fisherman’s brief but compelling history of submitting to the Lord’s will and experiencing His blessing convinced him that giving up everything to follow Christ was the wisest choice. The rewards for that decision are both innumerable and immeasurable.

Peter’s experience of increasingly demanding calls to obedience and sacrifice isn’t unique. That’s how the Father teaches His children to follow His will. So don’t assume a decision is insignificant–God is setting you on a course to fulfill His good purpose for your life. Choose to obey Him always.

Dr. Charles Stanley

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