How to Develop a Heart for God

Psalm 119:9-16

What is your response when you read that David was a man after God’s heart (Acts 13:2)? Many of us look up to him as a spiritual giant and think to ourselves, I could never be like that. But the Lord hasn’t reserved this title for just one man. He wants all of us to seek Him as David did. One of our problems is our tendency to focus on just part of his story. We tend to forget that the scriptural account gives a record of King David’s entire lifetime. He had to begin pursuing the Lord the same way we do–one step at a time.

A hunger for God doesn’t usually just pop up in our hearts. Most of the time, it’s something that must be cultivated. The place to begin is the Bible. That’s where we listen to the Lord as He speaks to us in His Word.

Another essential element is prayer. As you read His words, start talking to Him. If it all seems dry and meaningless, ask Him to work in your life to make Scripture come alive. He loves to answer prayers like that.

The next step is meditation. Don’t just “put in your time” so you can say you’ve read your Bible. Slow down and deliberately think about what you’ve read. What did you discover about God?

The last step is to keep at it. A hunger for God may not develop right away, but remember, you’re working for a changed heart that will last a lifetime, not a quick emotional experience. Just keep filling up with the fuel that brings transformation–the Word, prayer, and meditation.

Dr. Charles Stanley


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