The Full Armor of God

Ephesians 6:13-18

We have a very real Enemy who seeks to deceive and distract us from becoming who God wants us to be. So we must always be alert. Prepare for spiritual warfare by making today’s passage part of your daily time with God. For example, “put on” the various armor pieces as you pray:

Lord, thank You for giving me everything I need for doing battle in Your name. In the power of Your Spirit, I put on my “armor”–

  • Protect my mind and imagination with the helmet of salvation. Focus my thoughts steadily on Your love and power.
  • I claim Christ’s righteousness as my breastplate, protecting heart and emotions.
  • So that I won’t be governed by feelings, wrap Your belt of truth around the core of my being to protect me from deception.
  • Guide my steps in the sandals of peace. Set my feet firmly in the good news of Your redemption and love for the world, and empower me to stand firm against attack.
  • I raise my shield of faith. Protect me from Satan’s arrows as I stand shoulder to shoulder with Your army in a wall of opposition against his schemes.
  • I take up the sword of the Spirit. Plant Your Word deep in my heart in a fresh, exciting way so I will always be ready to deflect and cut down lies with Your truth. I proclaim Your victory today!

You should never be so preoccupied with fighting that anxiety makes you lose your focus on the joy of knowing God. Rather, remain at peace as you “dress” for battle, knowing that you are fully victorious and secure in Christ, and that He has already defeated the Enemy.

Dr. Charles Stanley


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