Our Calling in Troubled Times

2 Corinthians 4:6-18

In difficult times, the world taps into our fears and sells us a false message: Look out for number one. The more tumultuous life becomes, the easier it is to be self-centered. We focus on things the world tells us we should worry about, and our thoughts are consumed with me, myself, and I–my opinions, what I feel, and what the uncertain future means for me. But God wants us to get our minds off ourselves and to focus on what He has in mind for our lives.

So how should we respond to days of turmoil? First, we who know Christ are called to take hold of courage and confidence that He is sufficient, no matter what happens. Second, the Bible says that we’re the light of the world and are called to live out the life-transforming message within us. Think about how the early church responded to those turbulent times. Did they recoil into their small congregations? No. They went forward boldly–even willing to lose their lives–because they knew the greatness of God’s gift to them and wanted to share it with the world.

God doesn’t want His children to focus on themselves in times of crisis or instability. Rather, He calls us to take hold of the opportunity to bring His hope to those searching for what really matters.

Are you living for yourself or for God? He didn’t put us here to retreat in fear from the world. Instead, He entrusted us with a mission: to make a difference in people’s lives through His Spirit. When we lose our self-centeredness, others will be drawn to His love, joy, and peace in us.

Dr. Charles Stanley


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