Depression? Sadness? Weeping? : Is It A Lack Of Faith?

 Even if in a Christian is bound by the old law and doesn’t realize it; there is a paragraph how Elijah sat beneath a tree so down in the dumps he wanted to die asking God to take him home! Also KIng  David went through many depressions. To read his writings in the book of psalms it is like reading the words of a bi-polar man.  One minute he wrote all positive and happy;  then all of a sudden so down that he just wanted to die at times too!!!! I guess when his rapist son got hung from the tree David shouldn’t have gotten naked wrapping himself in sackcloth and rolling all over the dirt  pulling at his hair, screaming at the top of his lungs, and crying non-stop for days eh?  Where was his faith in God  in order to understand that even though it was his own son this had to take place; as this was the rebel son that also turned against his own father that had raped his own sister ( Kind David’s beautiful daughter) and thus Gods’ judgement had been done?  Yet KING DAVID  cried and cried and nearly lost his mind for days. Yet the Lord God almighty chose him to be the KING of ALL ISRAEL cuz He saw David’s willing heart always in search of Gods’ own heart! 
OH, I could just go on and on and on! Most all of the main bible characters used mightily of God had problems of some type or another, or suffered from depression at times.

What about when Mary Magdalene was crying in the garden outside of Jesus’ tomb that was open as proof he had risen from the dead?  The angels inside told her that He had risen yet she didn’t recognize HIM in the garden when He asked her: ” Mary, why do you weep? “
She told him she was crying because somebody took her Master and she knew not where he was placed.
DID JESUS say, ” OH Mary! Ye of little faith!!!”  NO!    He gave Mary the good news that it was he and that he had risen and to go tell everyone! He didn’t judge her but gave her the very first female evangelist!  OH my!  MERCY to this poor guy who hit you with harsh words instead of loving words that heal the heart that weeps such as Mary did, King David, the apostle Paul even said he would have rather have been in heaven as he had a constant thorn in his side! < OH>  does that mean he had little faith? Why was he not healed of whatever that thorn was? He never was. Yet Paul wrote most of the new testament! HUM? WHY DID HIS FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST NOT MAKE HIM WHOLE? OR was it that he was a man of little faith? < NOT! He had great faith and trust in the LOrd to the point that he was crucified upside down on a cross never expressing anything else but His great faith in Jesus Christ!

 THE best one yet to remind people such as this man,  is when Jesus knew He was going to raise Lazareth from the dead! OH!? SO why did JESUS cry! OH my -what? > HE WEPT!?  WAS THE SON OF GOD  OF LITTLE FAITH NOT TRUSTING IN GOD HIMSELF ? ( WOW! I like that question! I LIKE THAT A LOT!! Take note of what I like the most that I just said:NOT TRUSTING IN GOD HIMSELF as HE was God sent in the flesh! LOL)  Never the less: the living son of God cried. 
” JESUS WEPT>”  is the shortest line in all of the bible but expresses the most to us human beings when not handled with tender loving care when hurting and sharing our burdens one with the other,  WHAT! WE wouldn’t be told to do this unless the Lord knew how we would need one another so much at times with our faith getting weak. HUM?)  Jesus was showing EMPATHY for Lazareth’s family that were weeping. He didn’t judge them but understood why they were feeling what they did. Yet they knew if he had been present three days before that He could have healed Lazareth. His sister said so! < That was her expression of great faith, yet she gave Jesus heck! She was that upset. She was depressed. HUM?

We can get depressed whether our faith is strong or weak but as long as we have the faith of a mustard seed which we as Christians all do, or we would walk away from the Lord entirely: it is well with our souls in the sight of God who understands us like no human being can. This man ought to read ROMANS chapter 8 about LOVE,LOVE covers all.  

The end for anyone that would chose to judge a Christian when depressed may I remind you that God is the ONE that sees that person’s heart, and what she or he have gone through that could be so horrible we could never imagine it.  Thus we are to show compassion when somebody expresses how they are feeling as far as depression goes  that takes a lot of courage to pour out to others during such times of weakness.  Thus, we are to lift that person up with words of encouragement,not tear that person down in judgement. Remember, if not for the grace of God we could go into deep depression at any time, for life changes so quickly that we could be happy one minute and then something so terrible takes place that  could instantly get us  down in the depths of despair ; when  expressing themselves honestly about depression – Christians are to pray for them and to love one another as Christ first loved us and still does so unconditionally. 
I always say to one who is so depressed and crying: ” Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning.” Which is scripture as well from our Abba Father Who always understands His children and what they are going through. Praise the Lord for Romans Chapter 8 &  1st Corinthians Chapter 13.

 Written by Linda Kostin


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