Power Belongs

By Gary Wilkerson

“Then he called his twelve disciples together and gave them power” (Luke

Jesus gave his disciples power not because they were ambitious but because they
were his. Belonging to Christ is a non-negotiable to receiving his power. Power
is birthed out of belonging. Belonging brings real power.

So many Christians lead powerless lives—having habitual sin practices, a poor
testimony, a weak spiritual life; lacking a fervent, radical prayer life and any
answers to their prayers.

Do you feel powerless? This one short verse is loaded with words of power:

“Called”—meaning, in essence, not our own agenda, direction, self-will or
resource of power.

“Disciples”—those who abandon all to follow the life, teaching and
direction of the teacher.

“Together”—that power is not to be contained in singular vessels but
expressed in community, in work toward kingdom purposes.

“Gave”—showing we can do nothing unless Jesus gives us power to do it.

“Power”—it is not what we desire, work for or strive after, but comes
only and exclusively through His giving it. We never outgrow this part of our
history as Christians. Every follower of Jesus is commanded to wait until we
are endued with (given) power from on high.

Are you lacking power? There is no other way to obtain it than to have it given
to you by the One you belong to. Jesus has power to give to those who are
totally and fully His.

Don’t strive for power. Desire to belong—fully, passionately, humbly,
ambitiously, to the One your heart yearns for. Then power will come to you
beyond what you can imagination.


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