The Stone Rolled Away

Here’s Today’s Devotional from The Vine…

They were saying among themselves, “Who will roll away the stone from the door of the tomb for us?” for it was very big. Looking up, they saw that the stone was rolled back. – Mark 16:3-4

We are all alike. Even these holy women on this most sacred errand went forward to borrow trouble. There was a stone in the way that must be rolled aside, and they had not strength to do it. Naturally enough, they began to be anxious as to the removal of this obstacle. When they came near they saw that the obstacle had been already removed. The Divine love had been before hand in preparing the way for them. Angels had rolled the stone aside. The lesson is very simple and beautiful. We go forward worrying about the difficulties that lie before us, wondering how we can ever get through them, or who will remove them out of our way. Then when we come up to them we find that they are gone. Some one has been there before us and has taken them away. God always opens the way of duty for us if we quietly move on.

This applies to one beginning a Christian life. Many persons shrink from it. They say: “I never can be faithful. I never can do the duties. I never can bear the burdens.” But as they enter and go on they find that an unseen and mighty Helper goes on before and prepares the way. The hard tasks become easy, and the heavy burdens grow light. It is so all through the Christian life. God’s commandment seems impossible of obedience. Walls of stone seem built across the path we are required to walk over. But as we go on the commandment is easy, and a gateway is opened in the wall. Love and faith always have an advance of angels to roll away stones. The practical lesson is, that we are never to hesitate nor shrink back because obstacles seem to lie before us; we are to go right on, and God will take them away for us. When He wants us to go anywhere He will open the path for our feet. Knowing this, we may go on feeling confident of our own safety.


3 Responses to “The Stone Rolled Away”

  1. Why did the angel roll away the stone? « Sue Ann Porter Says:

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  2. sueannporter1 Says:

    I love this post. The women knew their job was to bring the spices and annoint the body. They were set in motion to do their part. They wondered who would help. They didn’t sit home and wait to hear that someone had moved the stone. They did what they could, and God provided.

    • Pat Says:

      Yes amen!! It’s amazing the way God leads and moves us about to do his will down here.I’m so glad the post was a blessing to you!!
      Love you 😀

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