Facing Challenges with Faith

Joshua 1:1-9After Moses died, God gave Joshua the difficult task of leading the Israelites into the Promised Land, but He also gave precise instructions on how to succeed. With each command, the Lord issued a promise and foretold the outcome. Joshua’s job was to stay focused on God, not the difficulty of the challenge—and to obey.

  • Cross this Jordan—I have given you the land (vv. 2-4). In God’s eyes, what He’s promised has already happened, even before we take our first step.
  • Be strong and courageous—I will never fail or forsake you (vv. 5-7). No task is impossible when God is on our side.
  • Be careful to obey My Word—then you will have success wherever you go (v. 7). The Lord measures success in terms of obedience to His will. We’ll always do well both spiritually and eternally when we follow His directions.
  • Meditate on the Scriptures—and your way will be prosperous (v. 8). Biblical thinking keeps us on a right path so we can accomplish what God has called us to do—that’s true prosperity.
  • Do not fear—I am with you wherever you go (v. 9). When we really believe this, our confidence in the Lord enables us to walk boldly by faith through humanly impossible situations.

When God places a challenge before you, don’t retreat or try to avoid it. The same commands and promises He gave to Joshua also apply to you. If you keep your eyes on Him and follow His instructions, He’ll lead you into a deeper relationship with Him and greater opportunities to serve Him.

Dr. Charles Stanley

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