Bible Verse of The Day

18 Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law

Psalm 119:18


Is it just me or do the terms wonderful things and law seem like they do not belong in the same sentence?


As I normally think about laws I think about their restrictive nature (limiting freedom), and that is true at times in our modern day world.  But laws are also given to protect and to insure freedom, as is the case with God’s laws.


Yes, God’s laws on the surface may look like they corral us into acting and being a certain way, but that is not their deepest and truest intent.  You see God knows us, He knows our tendencies, He knows are weaknesses, He knows how they enemy will attack and try to enslave us.  So like any good Parent, He establishes boundaries and rules that  keep us from the snares of the evil one.


If I am honest the times I get in trouble in my life are usually due to not heeding God’s advice and doing things “my way”.   It is only after I have been down that slippery slope into place I do not want to be that I realize how the heck I got there.  God tries to head this off by warning us of the pitfalls that will come, sometimes it is with a direct message and other times it is with “laws”  or commands that are meant to lead to and ensure the life He has in store for us.


My prayer for you and for me is that God will indeed open our eyes that we may see the wonderful things (and truth) in His law.


Walk in His truth today


Have a blessed day,

Goodheart Ministrie


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