Bible Verse of Today


18 “Come now, let us settle the matter,”
says the LORD.
“Though your sins are like scarlet,
they shall be as white as snow;
though they are red as crimson,
they shall be like wool.

Isaiah 1:18


For the BVD today I would like to talk about what at first seems like an obvious truth that Christians live with each day; that fact that our sins have been attained for and are forgiven.

Through Christ’s sacrifice we have been made new again… white as snow.

I do not know if where you live that you have ever had the opportunity to be around snow very much but one thing you quickly learn about it is that very few things are as breathtaking and “pure” as a freshly fallen snow.  The brightness of it screams out to our eyes and for just a little while things appear peaceful and undisturbed, but then life happens and activity occurs; elements of our environment begin to stain and pollute the snow until it is hardly recognizable form the mud and the mire around it.

Too many times as Christians we believe that this short term pureness of the snow is like our lives, but there is a big difference.

Although life comes in and assaults us and our decisions make the things murky that once seemed clear. Our enemy reminds us of past actions that we have made or that others have made that affect us and soon we begin to live as if this is a deep truth and that we are a part of the mud and mire.   But this is not the promise of our LORD.

In His words above He does not use words like temporary, short term, for a season… He makes a statement that is meant to be once and for all.   When Christ dies (and rose again) we were made clean, our sins were forgiven and we became new creations in Him.

Why does this seem so hard to hold onto and to live our lives from this perspective?

Dear friends the challenge I have for you and I today is to let our hearts accept this as a foundational truth and to live from it. It is when we can do this, we are changed and begin to see life as God intends for us to.

Walk free, walk forgiven, walk in truth, walk in love…

Have a blessed day,

Goodheart Ministries

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3 Responses to “Bible Verse of Today”

  1. Pat Says:

    Hi Cathy
    I’m so glad you stopped in and do add your sight to your Gravatar page so we can find you.
    Love ya 😀 I’d love to enjoy your writings. 😀

  2. April Says:

    Loving the beautiful pictures with the posts this morning.
    Cloudy and rainy where I live this morning. Yet, you send sunshine!
    Thank you! April

    • Pat Says:

      Thanks April,I try to keep it pretty and interesting so you don’t get bored LOL!
      I appreciate you and your support.
      Love you and do have a good day 😀 😀 😀

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