Comfort in Sorrow

Today’s Devotional from The Vine

“Don’t let your heart be troubled. Believe in God. Believe also in me. – John 14:1

Comfort in Grief

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Jesus always loves to comfort. He loves to put little candles in the darkened chambers of sorrow. He loves to dry tears and change grief into joy. Then He is able to give comfort, because He has the comfort in Himself. We cannot give what we have not to give. We often say to one another in trial, “Do not worry! do not be troubled!” when we have no comfort to give, nothing to cure the worry of brighten the darkness. Standing on the ship in the midst of a wild sea, Jesus said, “Peace!”and the winds and waves instantly became a calm. He had the peace in Himself, and could give peace to the sea. It is the same with His comfort: His words of consolation are not like so many of ours; they have power to quiet the troubled heart.

It was a time of the deepest grief and the sorest sorrow for the disciples when Jesus said this. Not only were they to lose their best Friend, but they were to lose Him in the saddest way – by death in the shame of the cross. Nor was that all of their sorrow. They had hoped He was the Messiah; now that hope was gone. They were in utter desolation – in a starless midnight. Surely there could be no comfort for such grief as theirs, they thought that night, as with breaking hearts they sat there in the darkness..

Yet right into the midst of this despairing grief came the words, Let not your heart be troubled.” Let us never say, therefore, that there is any, even the bitterest, grief for which there is no possible comfort. No matter how dark the night is, Christ can put stars into our sky, and bring a glorious morning after the darkness. There is comfort for Christ’s disciples in the most hopeless grief. We have but to look forward a few days to see the sorrow of these men turned to blessed joy. So it always is. However we may grieve, there is never any reason why we should lose our peace.


4 Responses to “Comfort in Sorrow”

  1. disciplegideon Says:

    One great arguement for comfort is The Comforter, the Holy Spirit…how could we possibly live without Him?! thank you for a great post, and thank Christ for His prayer to the Father to send the Comforter. Keep up the great writing.

  2. Let not your heart be troubled | bummyla Says:

    […] Comfort in Sorrow ( […]

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