The Ruler Is Cast Down

JOHN 12:27-32

When Christ was hanging on the cross, Satan was celebrating. He thought he’d won a strategic battle against God. But instead, the Enemy was defeated decisively.

However, we don’t always feel as if Satan has been conquered. That’s because we still struggle against the principalities and powers in this world. You see, the Enemy was not annihilated at the cross—that will happen later (Rev. 20:2, 10). For now, he continues to reign over those who are without Christ. Yet his power over believers was broken at Calvary. As Christians, we are not of this world, but rather, we’re part of God’s kingdom (John 17:16). Therefore, the Lord has sole control of our destiny.

But remember that Satan is a deceiver. He wants people to believe he reigns supreme on earth—and to be disheartened when they look around at the havoc he wreaks. Indeed, Jesus does call him “the ruler of this world” (John 12:31). But don’t miss the rest of the verse, which says the ruler “will be cast out.”

The Devil cannot makes believers sin. He can tempt and taunt but is powerless to force disobedience (Rom. 6:14). Moreover, Satan cannot condemn Christ’s followers (Rom. 8:1). He’ll incite guilt in your heart if you let him, but that doesn’t change the fact that you are a saved, beloved, and heaven-bound child of God.

When Jesus was here, Satan gave it his best shot to destroy God’s plan and power on earth. He failed miserably. The Enemy was defeated when the Lord humbly paid the price for mankind’s sin debt—past, present, and future—and rose in triumph over death. Believers share in the victory.

Dr. Charles Stanley

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