Passing By

Here’s Today’s Devotional from The Vine

By chance a certain priest was going down that way. When he saw him, he passed by on the other side. – Luke 10:31


Let’s not think that all priests were cold and heartless like this man. Ministers are generally warm-hearted people and they should all be like this — setting a good example of kindness and sympathy just as Christ did, who was always ready to help anybody in trouble. No doubt many of the Jewish priests were kind and generous; but here was one who was not. This shows us that being a priest or a minister does not make any one tender-hearted; one may occupy a very sacred place, and still have a cold and hard heart. When we see people like this it is indeed a sad thing!

This priest did not even stop to look at the wounded man, or to ask him how be came to be injured, or to find out what he could do for him. He kept as far to the other side of the road as he could get; perhaps he even pretended not to see the man lying on the ground. No doubt he had excuses ready in his own mind. He was in a great hurry, or he was very tired, or he could not do anything for the poor man if he should stop, or he perhaps hated the sight of blood!

No matter what his motives were, it is important that we do all we can to avoid repeating his mistake. Are there people in distress we know we should help but instead choose to ignore? Are we selective about which people to help? Do we try and rationalize our behavior by dreaming up excuses instead of actually helping people?

Some people look the other way when they are passing a person in need. Ministers have refused to go to see sick people because they are tired of dealing with people. People have stayed away from church because they knew there would be an appeal for money to help a needy cause. This verse is an ugly mirror, isn’t it? It shows us blemishes that we didn’t know we had.

Please consider making a donation to CoAid ( — a charity The Vine supports to help those in distress. Thank you.

Apply This To Your Life Today… Don’t turn your backs to the poor and vulnerable. See how richly God has blessed you? Then bless others today.


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