The Patient Path

1 SAMUEL 24:3-7; 26:8-11

Do you desire God’s best for your life? Unfortunately, many people miss out on blessings because they are unwilling to wait for His timing. Scripture encourages believers to be patient.

David was a good example of this virtue when he chose not to use violence to take the throne that he knew would eventually be his. King Saul had become envious of the shepherd’s ability, anointing, and possible future royalty, so he planned to murder the young man. Twice, during this time of pursuit, David had been in arm’s reach of Saul, easily able to kill his pursuer. But in both instances, he chose to wait for God’s timing. He was unwilling to take matters into his own hands, even though ending Saul’s life would have provided much relief.

Thankfully, David was patient. Notice the attributes that allowed him to wait for the Lord’s timing. First, he had strong faith and believed that God would gain victory in the right time and with the right method. Second, he had the correct values; killing a king would violate his conscience. Third, discernment helped him realize that assassination would mean stepping out of God’s will. Fourth, strength played a role in this decision. How difficult it must have been to resist taking the action that would result in freedom and possible royalty.

Patience is refined in trying times, when you’re frustrated with the waiting and tempted to act outside of God’s will. Always seek His wisdom, and follow the instruction you receive. Remember that “those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength” (Isa. 40:31).

Dr. Charles Stanley

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