Brokenness-The Plan

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Image by S.C. Asher via Flickr

JOHN 12:20-26

Do you desire God‘s best in life? And do you hope to become the person He created you to be, able to accomplish all He has planned? Most likely, your answer is affirmative to both questions. But are you willing for the Lord to do whatever is necessary to bring about full submission in your life?

This third inquiry oftentimes does not receive a resounding “yes.” Yet in order for us to enjoy the best of God’s blessings and to blossom into the people we were designed to be, we have to surrender our will. Let me be the first to admit that it is not an easy process.

All of us have certain desires and habits that we simply do not want to relinquish. Today’s passage teaches us that dying to ourselves is necessary before we can truly live for God.

As you would expect, that is inevitably painful. It would be much easier if we could just choose to give up our stubborn wills. But according to Scripture, when we become believers, we retain unrighteous behavior patterns, which can be rather ingrained. God has to permit enough difficulty to enter our lives so that our old “flesh” tendencies are broken. Only then can we yield our hearts to the Lord without reservation.

Though it is hard to understand, our heavenly Father allows pain because of His great love. Just as a parent hates for his child to hurt, God takes no pleasure in our difficulty. But He so desires that we experience fullness of life in Christ that He allows hardship to shape us.

Dr. Charles Stanley


One Response to “Brokenness-The Plan”

  1. Pat Says:

    Thanks Paulette,it’s a wonderful thing to know that all we’re going through is of use to our Father,His plans work-well.
    Love ya 😀

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