A Thirst for God

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PSALM 63:1-8

A personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ has the potential to be more intimately satisfying than any earthly connection. King David recorded his experience in Psalm 63. Our heavenly Father wants to have a loving bond with us just as He did with David.

Making a firm commitment to know Him is the first step, which takes priority above all other matters. David described his passion to know God as an intense thirst (v. 1); the apostle Paul likened his dedication in pursuing the Lord to a race (Heb. 12:1-2). When we pledge ourselves to the lordship of Christ and seek after Him with our hearts and minds, we will find our souls becoming satisfied.

Once we resolve to follow diligently after the Lord, our next step is to spend time in His Word. The Bible is God’s revelation of Himself and His plan for the world. Making time to read and meditate on Scripture is essential for every believer. That’s how we learn who God is, how He works, and what He desires for us and for the body of Christ. When we strive to know and understand a biblical passage, the Holy Spirit will make the meaning spring to life. God is pleased by followers who make it their goal to deepen their relationship with Him.

Dedicating time to knowing and experiencing God is a critical step toward a satisfying walk with Him. Begin today by making a pledge to pursue Him more diligently and taking time in your schedule for regular study and prayer. Your heavenly Father is waiting to meet with you.

Dr. Charles Stanley


4 Responses to “A Thirst for God”

  1. Clark Russell Says:

    Wonderful post! Your timing is amazing. I was just reading last night about how it is so central to God’s purpose that we drink Him! Sounds strange, but it’s all over the Bible when you start to look for thirsting and drinking God.
    Genesis 2, there was a river to satisfy Adam’s thirst. In Exodus, the children of Israel drank from the rock which followed them (and Paul said the rock was Christ). John 4, Jesus told the samaritan woman to drink of the living water. John 7, “If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me and drink!”

    And then here’s the kicker: Right at the end of the Bible. The conclusion, the consummation of the divine revelation: Revelation 22 says “Let him who will take the water of life freely!”

    Sorry, getting carried away here, but I’m really excited about drinking God! Its so awesome. Great post. Really helped quench my thirst.

    • Pat Says:

      Amen,amen my brother and thanks for bringing that to my attention,we are to thirst for Jesus,and I’m glad he satisfies.
      Thanks for your visit and your encouraging comment.

      • Clark Russell Says:

        I’m glad he satisfies too. It seems like you have a lot of different devotionals that you draw from. How many do you have? Which do you get the most help from?

      • Pat Says:

        Hi Clark,I really enjoy the devotionals and if they are a blessing to me then I believe they will bless others,thanks for stopping in.
        I hope your evening is good and filled with peace and joy. 😀

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