You Are Not Alone In The Battle!

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By David Wilkerson
[May 19, 1931 – April 27, 2011]

NumerousChristians, including pastors, have told me they are continually
harassed by former sins. They say, “Brother Dave, if you only knew what I
once did, how I sinned, you would understand why I’m so down. My sin still
hangs over my head, and I battle constant guilt over it. I believe the Lord has
forgiven me, that his blood is sufficient to cover my iniquity, but I don’t
have the peace that comes from that knowledge.”

Others tell me, “I believe I’m forgiven, but my mind is continually
bombarded with hellish thoughts. It can happen anywhere, even in church, and it
makes me feel so unclean. I have a hard time believing I am pure in God’s

These believers forget that Satan also tempted Jesus with awful, ugly thoughts
during his wilderness testing. Today, the devil sends little foxes into your
life to make you think you’re hopeless, that God is mad at you. They inject
thoughts into your mind meant to destroy your faith in the power of Christ’s
blood over you.

Dear saint, you are not to listen to those mental invasions. You have to cut
them off, crying, “Holy Spirit, I know you’re beside me. Help me!”

All who take up the cross and fight the good fight of faith are in a constant
battle. We all face evil thoughts—thoughts that come because of our past, or
because of a sense of rejection, or simply because we live in wicked, sensual
times. Yet when we apply Christ’s blood to these roots of doubt, it reaches
into every cell of our being, including our minds, and thoroughly cleanses us.
And that brings freedom and true rejoicing.

You are not alone in your struggle. He has sent you the Holy Spirit, who knows
how to deal with the enemy and free you from all bondage. He is the still,
small voice that will guide you and empower you through all your battles.

Pray with me: “Holy Spirit, I want to grow in spiritual fruitfulness. I want
to be rid of all hypocrisy, and I want gentleness, patience and love. I know
you still love me, in spite of my lack of these things. So, stand by me and
help me. Amen.”


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